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Welcome To Bangladesh Women's Foundation (BWF)

Bangladesh Womens Foundation was created in 2003 to invest in womens leadership and empowerment and bring positive changes to womens livelihoods and well-being. It transited into a womens fund in 2004. BWF seeks to support all women's organisation but mostly small local womens organisations that are registered with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Social Welfare and Youth. Most of the groups are located in the remote areas of the country and the majority cant access to information written in English and hence have real problems in securing external grants from conventional donors or resource organizations.

After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, and over the years, there have been a large number of growths of womens groups and womens organizations in the grass-roots level to reach women and change their situation. They are acting as agents to ensure womens leadership and empowerment in the development process. But due to lack of access and control over external or local resources, they remain mostly inactive and non-functional in their mission.

At present, the approximate numbers of the LWOs are 18,189, but virtually they have no access to any financial sources. Despite having lot of devotion and commitment for the cause and interest of women, they do not even qualify and have access to any local financing institutes or any other service delivery agencies or resource organization due to their limited dimension, remoteness, zero access in information deficiency in communication and technical skills.

However, with the aim of promoting womens leadership and women empowerment at the grassroots level, BWF has established a network with 1369 Local Women Organizations in 64 districts. The District Women NGOs Forum has been established and functioning with the representatives of the Womens Organizations in the local level.


Transformative leadership and sustainable change for women and girls.


To fund and support innovative and transformative women's rights initiatives with the aim of creating a society based on gender equality and social justice.

Strategic Objectives:
To support womens initiatives focusing on human rights, gender equality and improve conditions of women and children in Bangladesh.

Womens Forum is built for creating dynamic communities through leadership development and financial support to women for bringing a sustainable change in their lives.

Work of Interest:

  • Capacity building & leadership development among local organizations; specially women and youth headed organization.
  • Enhancement the political participation of women.
  • Sensitizing gender and human rights.
  • Promote women's participation in local government.
  • Promote educational right of girl child.
  • Promotion of sports and self-defence skills for womens and girls empowerment.
  • Promote micro-enterprise and income generating activities.
  • Violence against women and girl child.
  • Social security and protection of children and girls.
  • Promoting human rights for women and girls.

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