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Bangladesh Women’s Foundation

BWF evolved as an independent body of the Women’s Fund in Bangladesh. Created in 2003 to invest in women’s leadership and empowerment and bringing positive change to women’s livelihoods, BWF seeks to assist some of the 8189 small local women’s organizations that are registered with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.

Whilst these organizations are officially registered and are led by women who are undoubtedly passionate about women’s empowerment, they are rendered ineffective and often inactive because of the structural, systemic and administrative issues they face such as lack of knowledge about proposal writing, lack of fund-raising capacity and an inability to establish networks due to isolated geographic locations. BWF therefore aids selected organizations with financial, technical and advocacy support filling these gaps to make these organizations effective and expanding their network horizons to get them active.

With initial financial support from the Global Fund for Women BWF started its fundraising, grants making and project support and has since gone on to receive funding from DANIDA and USAID amongst others.

Since its inception BWF has provided technical support in - for example - leadership  and capacity building to over 500 local women’s organisations and a further 34 grants to other organizations also.


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