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Ongoing Initiatives

1. Mobilizing resources for women’s political participation in Bangladesh

This initiative seeks to develop the means and capabilities that women’s NGOs in Bangladesh source funding for women’s political participation. At present the climate for fund raising within Bangladesh for this issue is complex and conservative; both politically and culturally there is little serious concern with women’s engagement in politics in the personal, public and private spheres – a reflection of a heavily patriarchal society.

Therefore BWF - with the support of ANWF - is seeking to develop alternative means through which women’s NGOs can derive the funding that is essential to develop effective campaigns, promote these important issues and encourage the development of strong civil society and political partnerships. Proposed methods have been concerned not only on building relations with new donors but also emphasis a need for increased self-reliance through the development of innovative approaches to fund raising and training in fund management through our technical support arm.


2. Enhancing women’s political participation in Bangladesh

Expanding the horizons and deepening the level of women’s political participation capabilities both within formal government institutions and extra-governmental organisations are the concerns of this initiative. Through providing funding, technical and networking support BWF seeks to develop grantees capacity through working to develop individual understanding of gender responsibilities as well as confidence to advocate through group mobilization.

Current grantees for example include Mukhtagacha Bohumhukhi Samaj Kallyan Sangstha located in Mukhtagacha Upazila. Here support provided is being used to establish a ‘Women’s Forum’ to act as a body through which human rights advocacy – focusing particularly on women - can be effectively promoted. In other grantee cases such as Janani Sheva Snagstha the funding is being used to directly support the development of women councillors, their leadership skills and knowledge on women’s rights so that they may function effectively in their elected position whilst also advocating for the women of Bangladesh.


3. Combating sexual abuse on women and girl child

These programmes strengthens capacity of victim women and creates awareness among law enforcement authorities.

Local partners from different districts take initiative to regain social and economic status of GBV and income generating & skill building trainings. Intensive trainings, yard discussions and workshops on Domestic violence and introducing Domestic Violence Act 2010 among women, children, men including police officers, journalists, CSOs and CBOs is a major gain of BWF.


4. Promotion of self-defence training and rights to access in sports

Among girls and women this indicates tools of empowerment; a notable initiative of BWF. Encouraging girls in Karate, football, cricket, basketball and bi-cycle is one of its recent initiatives. BWF inaugurated low-priced quality bi-cycle for girls with easy instalments as a tool of safer and faster mobility.

Girls are also facilitated with technical and practical training on bi-cycle. BWF is serving for access in sports among girls both in national and local level.


5. Safe Cities

Safe cities for girl child is one of BWF’s major focuses. Awareness raising campaigns, workshops with local partners to state levels is conducted. Intervention on prevention of child marriage and dowry, child labour, mainstreaming indigenous girl child, prevention of sexual abuse in public sphere, bullying and harassment are initiated by BWF. Through local partners BWF reaches community members, parents, educational institution and political representatives in local and national level ensuring human rights cities for girl child. Every year BWF celebrates nationally and internationally recognized days focusing women’s rights and diverse women’s issues around the country with its partner organizations.


6. BWF Catering Services

It is an initiative to raise fund to support victims of sexual and domestic violence and also to provide home made quality food catering service for better health.


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