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Who We Are

BWF is a representation of the efforts of rural women’s organizations working throughout Bangladesh. In generally hostile conditions women try to promote gender equality, women’s leadership, women’s human rights and the combating of violence against women and children.

Since its inception in 2003 BWF has sought to assist in developing women’s organizations in rural areas, trying to challenge the structural, systemic and administrative problems that small women’s organizations face in an environment which undermines their ability to actively and effectively mobilize.

BWFs Objectives and Priorities

BWFs objectives and priorities are in the following areas:

  1. Partnering with local and community headed women’s organizations, groups and leaders to ensure that these ventures have the money, resources and skills to succeed
  2. Mobilizing financial and human resources to generate a pool of funding for Bangladeshi organizations concerned with supporting and advocating for women
  3. Establishing alliances, networks and relationships with donor agencies and grant making organizations to advocate for the promotion and protection of women’s rights both inside and outside Bangladesh
  4. Utilizing existing and grooming new linkages and networks with national, international and global funding agencies and networks
  5. Supporting grass roots organizations capacity development and women’ empowerment mandates
  6. Reducing gender disparities and discrimination across class, caste, religion and other social groups
  7. Promoting women’s active participation in public and political life – ensuring involvement in decision making bodies
  8. Investing in continued efforts for organizational capacity building, leadership development and promoting local women’s NGOs as development leaders

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