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What We Do

BWF works toward mobilizing, networking and institutional capacity building to support leadership amongst the local women's NGOs that are registered by the ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MWCA). Those organization that do not qualify for any local financing institutes or any other service delivery or resource organization due their smaller size, remoteness, lack of skill, how to develop project proposal, sophistication and lack of access in to informational and professional approach. BWF provide fund in the following areas:

‡      Capacity Building

‡      Leadership Development

‡      Gender and Human Rights training

‡      Girl’s Education

‡      Human Rights and Presentation of violence against women

‡      Human security and protection of children


Our Projects

Women's Political Participation

Under the project of above stated, BWF has been facilitated to strengthen the women representatives of the three tiers of LGI through Capacity Building; Foundation Formation in Upazila Level, Districts Level and national level; Advocacy and Networking both with Women Representatives of LGI, Government Body, Civil Society, Press and Electronic Media etc. Total 18 PNGOs were involved to implement the project’s activities all over the country.

Project Coverage

The project covers the women representatives in the three tiers of LGI in 64 districts.


Capacity Building of the Women Elected Representatives in Local Government

Under the Capacity Building Activity, different training program has been facilitated to the women representatives in the three tiers of the Local Government. In the Union parishad level it has facilitated a 3 days training on Gender, Human Rights and Leadership Development UP Women Representative; a 2 days training on Advocacy Skill Building, Budget Preparation, Utilization and Internal Transparency to BUPF District committee women representatives. On the otherhand, in the Municipality level it has facilitated a 5 days training on Gender, Human Rights, Advocacy skill building, budget preparation and utilization training to the newly elected WWCs of Municipality. Besides, a 3 days training has facilitated on Training on Advocacy skill building, budget preparation and utilization to WWC of Chittagong City Corporation.

Major achievement

The Capacity Building program has assisted to the women representatives to improve the quality and also has assisted to be more efficient. After the training, ¨the UP female representatives now actively participate in UP monthly meetings ¨they distribute VGD and VGF cards among the poor people ¨during UP budget preparation, all UP representatives participate in preparing projects, activity lists, draft budget as well as express their needs and views about the activities and the budget ¨they are taking steps for positive actions within the law as and when required, ¨the male Chairmen now actively enforce participation of one-third women representatives in UP Standing Committees.


Forum Formation with the Women Representatives of Local Government in Local and National Level

It has been facilitated to form the Foundation in the Upazila, Districts and National level to raise the voice of the Women representatives from the local level to the central level. One of the effective Foundations is Stop Violence Against Women (SVAW) Foundation at Upazila level which has been working towards Prevention of Violence Against Women. They are taking to step for positive actions within the law as and when required.

The main intention to form District Foundation by UPWR was to conduct evidence based advocacy and lobby at district level that come out from Upazila based Foundation, which dealt with women human rights, SVAW etc. the Foundation also formed to advocate issues related with UP representatives.

Besides, a National Foundation with 120 WWCs of different Municipalities has been formed. It was formed to establish their rights and representation in LGI. The WWCs made their own action plans to successfully operate their activities.


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