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Who We Work With


Whilst Bangladesh is a heavily patriarchal society, BWF exists to support the small, rural women’s led organizations that have the courage to challenge this society and promote gender equality and empowerment. Due to these organizations small size, isolated location, lack of foreign language knowledge or fund raising know-how their potential is held back as they cannot access the resources other larger, strategically located organizations can. As such BWF works with these organizations to fill these capacity gaps and help foster more effective responses.


Current Organizations :

BWF is currently supporting the following small, rural women’s led organizations in collaboration with ANWF/NORAD by aiding them in promoting women’s political participation:

  • Mother Development Society (MDS) - Narsindi
  • Muktagach Bohumukhi Samaj Kallan Mohila Samity - Mymensingh
  • Desh Gori - Barisal
  • Suktara Mohila Sangstha - Patuakhali
  • Jananee Seba Sangstha (JSS) - Thakurgaon
  • Mohila Unnayan Somity Kustia - Kustia

Other organizations being worked with include:

  • Gorai Student Forum - a forum promoting young women’s human rights
  • Sattannashon - a group identifying human rights and gender issues in the climate change and environment

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